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DON'T USE:   Good Towels, Napkins, Ties, Shirts, Old Rags or Bare Hands to wipe your sweat.  Get your very own personal FAT DADDY'S SWEAT RAG to do the job. 




 *Fat Daddy's Sweat Rags has gone international.   Thank you for your support!









  The Fat Daddy's Sweat Rag is designed for one thing and that is to remove that annoying unsightly sweat to help you concentrate and feel comfortable performing the task at hand.  Athletes, Politicians, Laborers, Entertainers, Big Guys/Gals, and pretty much any of us living in the SOUTH have one thing in common, and that is SWEAT.  Those hot summer months at the BBQ, or under the hood of our favorite vehicle give you the prefect opportunity to use your own Fat Daddy's Sweat Rag! Stop reaching for any old thing laying around and reach for a Fat Daddy's Sweat Rag today! Fat Daddy's Sweat Rags are fun and unique gifts for anyone.  Please be sure to like us on facebook.

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